Monday, February 27, 2006

New Netflix blogger on the scene

netflix - netflix? is a new blog which sees Netflix as "The dark evil giant with the deliciously good white creamy center."



    As the owner and proprietor of a totally stupid and useless blog, I still found myself annoyed by this blog. The writing is completely terrible, and it's not even the writing that bugs me. If you wanna start a little blog where you can post your opinions, more power to you. But when you start a blog about a major company and then totally litter it in advertising, you are obviously just begging for web traffic, and you are probably going to get it by cluttering my search results. If you are going to have ads all over your page, you have a responsibility to deliver at least a little quality content.

    And seriously, The Dark Evil Giant with the Delicously Good White Creamy Center? WTF?

  2. I don't see the ads you're talking about. There are no ads on that blog.

  3. There is a row of ads underneath the banner and a row of ads running down the right hand side.

    That's strange if they don't show up for you...It shouldn't be any different. Unless you are a member of Blogger and I'm not?

  4. Hey Chris, I solved the mystery. The Google ads don't show up in Camino, the Mac OS X browser I use, but I see the ads when I use Internet Explorer. My apologies.