Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Blockbuster's split personality

Why is Blockbuster online trying to get its online customers to convert to in-store customers?

I was reading this Motley Fool commentary on Blockbuster's new one-per-week e-coupons, when I learned of another downside to the deal. You get only one per week. You do not get the whole month to use them. If you miss a week, then that coupon is gone forever. To get your full value out of them, you have to drive to a Blockbuster Video store every week, with only one coupon. I'm not wasting a trip to the store for only one movie. They must be hoping I'll spend money at the store, perhaps rent an additional full-price title, or buy some candy.

I love the convenience of having movies come in the mail. Why would I want to make four trips to the store each month?


  1. You're right. It is a lot less convenient than through the mail. Having said that, I don't really MIND the inconvenience if it means a better deal for me. Their 4 coupons per month makes me come out ahead with my price per rental ratio. And I always go into the store with 5 particular 5 titles in mind. Their system works in my favor, but might not for many.

  2. A lower price to rental ratio is too dry an incentive for me. I subscribe to Netflix precisely because I don't want to go to the store to get videos or return them. I'm busy, I like the convenience.

  3. I had Blockbuster, then switched to Netflix, then got married, and my hubby had Blockbuster!

    Comparing the two; I wish Blockbuster would allow both of us to log in and mess with the Queue. In addition, you can sign up for the 4 coupons per month at Blockbuster. You don't HAVE to take them or go in their store if you don't want to. Personally, I like the two coupons I get per month. I have a month to use them, at my convenience. I just see it as a bonus.