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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Google Netflix module

Blake Schwendiman has created a Netflix module for your Google homepage, which uses the Netflix RSS feed to display your queue.
For more information and configuration instructions, click here.

Don't have a Netflix account? Sign up here [He's a Netflix affiliate, so this link will make money for him]. It's worth it for more than just my cool module!

If you would like to install this module onto your Google Homepage, you can do it, by going to the Add Content link on your Google Homepage, then go to Create a Section and enter the following URL:
Fine print: If you use this, you'll be making your queue vulnerable to Blake, so that if he were a rascal, he could make changes to it. However, he would not have access to your account details.


  • At 2/22/2006 9:27 AM, Blogger Blake Schwendiman said…

    Actually, because I don't have your account information, I can't change anything. It is a read only feed. I don't have any personal information about you at all. And since I don't ask you for your email address or any other identifying information, I have nothing to tie a particular read-only information feed to a person at all. It's very secure.

    Oh, and I'm not a rascal. ;)


  • At 2/22/2006 11:59 AM, Blogger Chris Coyier said…

    Pretty slick little unit. I'm going to use it, despite it kind of clashing with the rest of the text-only crap on my google homepage.

    I was a little nervous about the "someone else being able to change my queue" thing, but that's not a problem eh? I guess I won't have to give my "I'll kill your family" speech. =)

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