Monday, February 13, 2006

Manuel Villanueva gives Netflix priceless PR boost

Netflix fan and longtime subscriber Manuel Villanueva, who blogs his Netflix experience on his "Netflix Journal," was recently interviewed by the Associated Press, and his local ABC TV station. The story has been picked up by newspapers all over the country.

Manuel is Netflix's Number One fan. He's been a member continuously since August 2003. As of February 3, 2006, he has rented 713 from Netflix, with a 3.5% failure rate, and 194 from Blockbuster, with a 4.6% failure rate.

Way to go, Manuel!


  1. That's quite apropos with this:

  2. Isn't this the dude who is a total prick over on Hacking Netflix? I was under the impression he was a vocal opponent of Netflix who seems to be on a holy crusade to give them bad PR.

    Yeah... based on his Journal this is the dude. Is there some sarcasm here I'm missing?

  3. Chris,

    You aren't missing a thing ;).