Friday, February 24, 2006

Austin, TX Netflix mail theft inspires ingenius solution by Netflix fan blogger

Inspired by the comments on this Hacking Netflix story about more mail theft of Netflix discs in Austin, TX, I decided to put my considerable brainage to work on the problem. I know some of you have been burned by Netflix discs being stolen by US Postal Service workers, and your account being put on hold as a result, etc.

I think Netflix should start their own mail delivery service, like the United States Postal Service, only for Netflix exclusively. Netflix can call it the NDS. The delivery personnel will drive little red cars and wear little red uniforms. The NDS won't be unionized, so they can instantly fire anyone who steals. NDS will use independent contractors, so they won't have to offer benefits. When Netflix switches over to video-on-demand, they can "downsize" them.

What do you think?


  1. This is a perfect solution.
    The NDS workers also must work 18 hour days and sleep in tubes. AND they deliver on Sundays.

  2. it remembers me webvan... don't like it, that's not NF core business and they'll probably do it worst.

  3. Sorry if I'm late on this...and I haven't read any posts (except the Wonka one, ha)...but I had a couple of Netflix mailing experiences I wanted to share. So I'll just blurt them out.

    I work for a major un-named agency in Austin, TX. who's postal mail goes DIRECTLY to the main post office in Austin, TX three times a day. Let's just say I KNOW Netflix has my envelope within a couple of hours.

    In my efforts to confound Netflix I will often put three DVD's in one envelope regardless of where they magically came from (Honolulu, San Jose, etc.). I have had the interesting experience of them "not receiving" one of the three DVD's, yet they checked in the other two.

    Perhaps more proof of the throttling.

  4. Identity theft, or in this case Nitflix missing DVD's, can happen when someone rifles through garbage or simply walks over to your mailbox and steals your mail. With a secure mailbox, you can close one gateway into your personal information. Check it out at it could save you alot of trouble.

  5. I believe that Netflix and Blockbuster DVD thefts happen occasionally at the Post Office they are pretty rigorous with their theft protection methods. Anyone ever been inside a post office or a bulk mailing center or package center (which is where Netflix and Blockbuster DVDs may pass)? They have cameras, one-way mirrors, places that security personnel can monitor employees from etc. If anyone cared about their job at at all at the P.O. they wouldn't risk stealing a little DVD for it. Additionally, theft is a gross misdemeanor at the P.O. and they can fire you at will for it. The union will not stand behind you on that. And believe me the Postal Authorities won't make a move on any employee unless they have absolute proof first. In all reality, most DVD thefts come from people stealing mail directly from your mailbox, not Post Office employees. In the rual areas of this country, thieves actually follow the postal carrier and 10 minutes after he drops the mail off, they're taking it out. I hear about it everyday. Your best bet is to get a locking mailbox. You're not just protecting your DVD's but you're protecting your IDENTITY. If a thief steals your identity, he could buy a whole store of DVDS. Are you responsible for that bill then? No, your Bank or Credit Card Company will cover the loss there. What you will lose though is your good credit. That my friend will take thousands of dollars and many frustrating hours to repair. In the end, you will have wished the P.O. stole a couple of DVDS believe me. I have a company that sells locking and secure mailboxes, , and this is not a shameless effrot at advertising. Its a serious effort to inform people that this is a serious problem. It's more than just a few DVD's. I feel sorry for people who have had their identity stolen and people have to be made aware that they have to do something about it before it's too late. Anyway, enough on the stolen DVDs no? Get a locking mailbox! It's a small price to pay for your keeping your identity.

    Jay G.

  6. sure this is 2 years after the original post, but for what it's worth, no matter what security measures people take with their mailboxes, or USPS takes in their buildings, etc...nothing can stop MY mailman from stealing incoming or outgoing mail. I've only had 1 netflix dvd go missing, but I've had 2 orders from that never showed up. My mail carrier steals all sorts of stuff & there's no way I can prove it, short of setting up a hidden camera of my own. Mostly he steals things like free samples and coupons (like bath and body works free item coupons). His wife probably enjoys the "perks". It makes me ANGRY.